The All-Time Top Scorers of Football Kingz FC

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Every football club consists of players, all of who struggles to climb the leader boards as a team. It won’t be possible to do so otherwise. Football Kingz is not an exception of course. It won’t be this great without the players that worked hard for it.

That’s why today, we’ll be talking about the all-time top scorers of Football Kingz FC with their number of goals along with some details about their career.

Dennis Ibrahim

The first one in our list is Dennis Ibrahim, a German that played as a Striker for Kingz from 2000-2001. Throughout his career, he made 12 goals in his 24 appearances in games. He also participated in their game on October 27 with Newcastle United.

Wynton Rufer

Wynton Rufer’s role is just like Ibrahim, a Striker. He played for one year more than him though, playing from 1999-2001. However, he also scored 12 goals throughout his 48 appearances.

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Aaron Silva

Aaron Silva is a Chilean and his career is more like that of Wynton, a Striker that played from 1999 to 2001. He had fewer appearances which are 32 but made more goals, 13 to be exact.

Paul Urlovic

Paul Urlovic is another Striker that played from 2000-2003 and one of the players that spent the most time in Kingz. He appeared in 59 games and made 16 goals throughout his career in Kingz.

Harry Ngata

Harry Ngata is not like the rest of this list. He was a midfielder of Kingz but he was the oldest member playing from 1999 to 2003. That said, he made 129 appearances in both regional and national games and made 29 goals in total.

These five players have experienced many defeats and victories in their career in Football Kingz. While the glory of Football Kingz was brief, it lasted for more than you think for both fans and these players.

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