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Our Mission

Football Kingz FC was New Zealand’s first professional football club. It started from 1999 until 2004.

The club’s underlying purpose is to offer supporters with the greatest level of satisfaction possible by continuing to highlight what Football Kingz FC has done in its glory days.

We aim to outline the code of ethics of this club among the desire to promote the ethics of sports and bridge the gap between the business side and professional side of football while keeping the relationship between fans and sports enthusiasts.

We strive to maintain a stable relationship and improve the development of the Football Kingz brand to enhance the sporting organization.

How Do We Operate?

Football Kingz Fan Website proves to be helpful for all the fans around the globe as a reliable source of information about everything surrounding the football club.

We continue our operation through the exploitation of the sports events, the Football Kingz brand, and the image of their team.

Discover the Football Kingz Journey

Football Kingz Fan Website is not just a website made by a fan wanting to show their loyalty. This is also made to serve as a platform for fans all over the world to get the most recent information about the football club.

We provide different kinds of content including photo galleries and you’ll also have access to our database of their past matches, news, and their team members

Get Exclusive Deals!

Through our established connections and relationships with establishments, we connect the fans of Football Kingz FC to these organizations. As such, we are able to bring our members exclusive deals such as merchandises and more.