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How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Sports fans who love to bet on matches know the thrill of betting and winning. But what could be even more rewarding than just betting on an upcoming match? Betting on a live football match, of course!

Thanks to the latest innovations in the world of sports betting, punters can now enjoy betting on football while the match is taking place. This allows you to keep an eye on the match and bet according to real-time events.

If you’ve never bet on a live football match before, you are in luck. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know before you get started. We’ll share more information on the different types of bets, the odds, how to place a bet and some of the best betting sites.

Types of Bets

Types of bets - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

First, we take a quick look at the different types of bets you can place when betting on a live football match.


The Moneyline bet is the simplest type of bet you can make. Here, all you have to do is predict who you believe the winner of the match will be.


Totals bet allows you to bet on the total number of goals scored during a football game.

Double Chance

This type of bet requires you to select a team and bet on two possible outcomes for the match. It is also considered a safe bet.

Point Spread

A Point Spread bet is also referred to as a winning margin bet.

Goal Scorer

As you can imagine, a Goal Scorer bet requires you to predict which players will be scoring goals during the match.

What are the Odds?

what are the odds - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Next, we take a look at what your odds are when you bet on live football matches in New Zealand

The biggest difference between regular sports betting and live football betting is the fact that the odds change continuously. As the game progress, sportsbooks will adjust the odds, so it is important to keep an eye on the game and the odds while you bet.

How to Bet

how to bet - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Betting on live football games is pretty much similar to betting on regular tournaments and events, with the exception that the odds change continuously. You can bet directly from your preferred sportsbook site and take advantage of free bets and free picks.

You’ll have plenty of betting types to choose from and you’ll have to keep your eye on the game to ensure you are taking advantage of the odds and types of bets you can place as the game unfolds.

The Best NZ Live Betting Sites

Since you now have a better idea of live football betting, the odds and betting types, you are probably eager to take advantage of this unique betting option. Next, we’ll give you a list of the very best live betting sites for New Zealand punters.


000 EN Logo Color Operator LeoVegas - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

LeoVegas is one of the most popular bookmakers and online casino operators in the world. The operator offers a fantastic mobile app and has won multiple awards. You’ll be able to bet on several types of sports, including on live football matches at this site.

Spin Sports

spin sports - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Spin Sports is another Kiwi-friendly sportsbook that allows you to bet on football tournaments and matches. With a very favourable payout percentage of 97%, you can expect minimal losses when betting on live football games here.

22 Bet

22bet - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Considered a new kid on the block, 22 Bet has loads to offer football punters in New Zealand. Not only do they offer very generous bonuses and rewards, but the odds are fair, and you’ll benefit from their promising swift transactions when you hit a big win.


rizk casino - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

And finally, you can also bet on live football matches on Rizk. This bookmaker offers punters an enjoyable experience and a payout percentage of around 98%. You’ll also be able to bet on various other sports when you create an account with Rizk.

Betting Tips

betting tips - How to Bet on Live Football in New Zealand

Now that you have a good idea of how to bet on live football games, we’ll share some of our expert betting tips.

Stay in The Game

Firstly, it is of utmost importance that you keep an eye on the game as the odds change rapidly. This will help you place better bets as the game unfolds.

Know Your Bets

Next, you need to be proficient in all the different types of bets you will be able to make. This will ensure you have a fair chance of winning and making a correct prediction.

Minimize Losses

Finally, it is always important to keep your eye on your bankroll. Place smart bets to minimize your losses. A safe bet to place on live games is a double chance bet.

By following this betting guide, you will be betting like a pro on live football games in no time! Remember to manage your bankroll and most importantly, to have fun.

Featured image How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football 570x342 - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

Football is considered to be one of the most popular sports around the globe. Whether fans support their local clubs or watch international tournaments, the sport attracts millions of viewers from around the globe.

And even though betting on this popular sport is not new (in fact, betting on football specifically has been around since the 1960s), the evolution of sports betting is making a massive impact on one of the world’s biggest sports.

When you think about sportsbooks that allow you to bet on football matches, a couple of big names probably comes to mind. From the top of our heads, Bet365 comes to mind, as well as William Hill and Ladbrokes. But what exactly is the role of these sportsbooks in the future of football?

In this investigative post, we take a closer look at exactly how these big sportsbook brands are influencing the world of football.

A Boost in Revenue

a boost in revenue - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

A couple of years ago we saw a rapid decline in sports television subscriptions and other related media services. These stakeholders played an important role in the revenue made by football clubs.

With the advent of online betting and sportsbooks, bettors could now easily access their games and bet on it, which led to a massive boost in football clubs’ revenue.

Adds a Sense of Excitement

adds a sense of excitement - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

You’ve probably noted big sportsbook brand names at big matches. These sportsbooks not only attract more fans, but they also add a sense of excitement to every match played and scheduled.

Thanks to masterful advertising executions, sportsbooks have added a new sense of wonderment to the exciting world of professional football.

Makes Matches Accessible for Fans

makes matches accessible for fans - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

As we’ve mentioned, the excessive price hike in television subscriptions resulted in fans not renewing their subscriptions. With all the biggest names in sportsbooks offering live betting options, fans can now watch the game from their smart devices.

No longer do you have to buy tickets or pay a massive fee just to watch your favourite sport, simply stream it from one of your trusted sportsbooks.

Responsible for Big Sponsorships

responsible for big sponsorships e1568201359984 - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

We know that some of the most popular football leagues reside in Europe and the UK and that these clubs don’t have any financial troubles. Yet, you can’t help to notice these sportsbooks involvement in professional football leagues and matches.

Some of the biggest leagues in the UK sports names of big sportsbook brands on their shirts. This is not only good for the sport but also great for advertising reliable sportsbooks.

Attracts More Fans

attracts more fans - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

Depending on which side of the fence you are on, chances are you enjoy watching a football match much more when you’ve put some money on who you think would be the winning team. It’s a well-known fact that betting adds some excitement.

Besides, it can also act as a way to attract even more bettors and fans to watch matches more frequently.

Adding More Types of Bets

adding more types of bets - How Sports Betting Brands Are Changing the World of Football

As we’ve mentioned, betting on football is in no way something new. Yet, in the past bettors could only select one or two options or types of bets to place on a match. Thanks to these big betting brands, punters now have a whole range of bets to choose from.

You can also keep your eye on the odds and place more informed bets during a match, which was quite impossible in the past.

Thanks to big sports betting brands, football has become one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world. It is also attracting more and more bettors to place bets daily.

PostImage TheHistoryofFootballKingzFootballClub 570x342 - The History of Football Kingz Football Club

The History of Football Kingz Football Club

PostImage TheHistoryofFootballKingzFootballClub - The History of Football Kingz Football Club

Football Kingz was a football club situated in New Zealand, but used to be promoted as Auckland Kingz within Australia. They played in the last five seasons of the NSL but unfortunately, they failed to qualify for the playoffs in each of the seasons.

Also, Football Kingz wasn’t spelt “Kingz” at the beginning. In fact, it’s only because of the legalities that the Australian basketball team named Sydney Kings that they changed the spelling. Now let’s start with the first season they played.

First Season

The first season of National Soccer League started in 1999 and ended in 2001. The Kingz had a coach at that time that also played in actual matches. He was Wynton Rufer and the assistant coach was his brother Shane.

They played on the evening of the first of October at North Harbour Stadium. They played against Carlton FC and even though it ended with a 0-3 loss, they had 15 wins that ended up being their club’s most successful season.

Season Two

After the professional start in the first season, the club set out to improve their performance even more. There were many foreign transfers to the team and one of the most noticeable is Dennis Ibrahim, who ended up being one of the all-time top scorers of the club and also the top scorer of the season.

Postimage TheHistoryofFootballKingzFootballClub Fans - The History of Football Kingz Football Club

This is also when the team had their club record victory with their win against Newcastle Breakers with 5-1. The season ended with 12 wins for Kingz.

Season Three

This is when Wynton Rufer retired as the coach. The original plan, however, was to keep him as a player even after he retires as the coach. But he wanted to keep being a coach as he slowly retires as a player.

Then, Mike Petersen became the new manager. However, he only lasted for five games.

Then Kevin Fallon replaced him but due to the damage done to the club, they ended up in 13th place compared to their 8th place during the first and second season.

Season Four

The poor performance of the team in the third season made it difficult for the club to maintain their budget. Ken Dugdale became the new coach but there wasn’t really any significant change in the team except for some new players.

They finished the season at 11th place out of 13 teams.

Final Season

The National Soccer League itself was in a financial crisis, making it easier to understand why this was their final season. While Ken Dugdale remained manager, the club still struggled on the playing field.

They only won four games but their final game ended in a winning note to the Brisbane Strikers.

PostImage TheFinalGameofFootballKingzFC Gameplay 570x342 - The Final Game of Football Kingz FC

The Final Game of Football Kingz FC

PostImage TheFinalGameofFootballKingzFC Gameplay - The Final Game of Football Kingz FC

The final season of Football Kingz in the National Soccer League ended with a winning note. It happened at Ericsson Stadium just like their fight with Newcastle United on February 29.

They played against Brisbane Strikers with 4-3 as the Kingz made their final home game of the season – the end-of-season goal-fest.

On the early exchanges, the visitors made it considerably difficult for Kingz to gain the advantage. During the third minute, Steve Fitzsimmons dominated the field, until Chris Scuderi’s mistake with John Tambouras four minutes later.

The moment the ball spilt loose and the Kingz’ goalkeeper recovering, it was that time that the Strikers made the first goal – 1-0.

Due to the shock, the Kingz made some slip-ups and barely defended against the Strikers, almost being 2-0 down within just four minutes. The top scorer of Kingz, Harry Ngata, came in and headed to Mark Burton.

PostImage TheFinalGameofFootballKingzFC gamefield - The Final Game of Football Kingz FC

In the twentieth minute, Buron set off into the penalty area of the Brisbane Strikers but Webber stopped him from scoring a goal with a tackle but Harry continues to position himself for a shape.

This went on for ten minutes as they tried to defend Kingz attacks. Brisbane still had the advantage but the home team still kept persevering. Near the 42nd minute, the defender held off and Kingz scored a goal – 1-1.

But the game became too fast-paced with Ngata sending Brisbane the wrong way from the penalty spot that led to the clearance by Utting, helping them score another goal – 2-1.

At this point, Kingz had taken the advantage. However, some of their players kept getting caught on unfortunate accidents until Brisbane took the tempting opportunity to score their second goal.

PostImage TheFinalGameofFootballKingzFC fieldplay - The Final Game of Football Kingz FC

Kingz, however, hadn’t recovered and 2-2 quickly became 3-2 in favour of Brisbane.

This turn of events became distressing for the Kingz, but in the next fifteen minutes, they still persevered and this paid off as Baldock made a mistake and the home team scored a goal making it a tie with 3 goals each.

Kingz midfielder was then handed his second penalty, and he managed to score another goal for Kingz, 4-3.

The home team held on to this advantage until the final whistle was heard throughout the field. It was the victory of Football Kingz, and it was also their last.

PostImage FootballKingzFCsManagersSinceFounding ball 570x342 - Football Kingz FC’s Managers Since Founding

Football Kingz FC’s Managers Since Founding

PostImage FootballKingzFCsManagersSinceFounding ball - Football Kingz FC’s Managers Since Founding

Just as it is important for a football club to rely on its players, as it is with their managers. Football Kingz FC had way too many managers and coaches. Some even made significant changes throughout their career.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the past managers of Football Kingz FC and their achievements in their time in the club.

Wynton Rufer

First up is the first manager of Football Kingz FC. Rufer is not really the official coach at that beginning as he is actually a player. He started from October 1999 to April 2001. That’s when the first and second season of the National Soccer League occurred.

Fortunately for the club, Rufer is great both at coaching and playing football.

That’s why they excelled at both seasons placing higher than the 50th percentile of football clubs in NSL.

Mike Petersen

When Wynton Rufer retired from being the team’s coach and also one of the players, Mike Petersen replaced him. However, Petersen only lasted five matches as the team’s manager and therefore, there’s not that much record left by him.

They needed to find a new manager and that’s when Shane Rufer took the place.

PostImage FootballKingzFCsManagersSinceFounding COach - Football Kingz FC’s Managers Since Founding

Shane Rufer

Shane Rufer is the assistant and also the brother of Wynton Rufer. But just like Petersen, Shane Rufer wasn’t able to leave a mark on the football club as he was replaced immediately by Kevin Fallon.

Kevin Fallon

Kevin Fallon took charge during the third season. However, due to the damage done by the previous managers, he wasn’t able to change the course of the season. This resulted in Kingz placing only 13th out of 18 football clubs. This resulted in Fallon losing his job.

Ken Dugdale and Tommy Mason

Dugdale lasted from September 2002 to November 2003, while Tommy Mason didn’t take too long as he only became a coach from November 2003 to February 2004. They didn’t leave any significant changes during their career in Football Kingz.

Wynton Rufer is the most influential player and coach in Football Kingz history. But that doesn’t mean other coaches didn’t do anything to improve their team. There were just difficulties due to the history of NSL and the players of Kingz.

PostImage TheAllTimeTopScorersofFootballKingzFC 570x342 - The All-Time Top Scorers of Football Kingz FC

The All-Time Top Scorers of Football Kingz FC

PostImage TheAllTimeTopScorersofFootballKingzFC - The All-Time Top Scorers of Football Kingz FC

Every football club consists of players, all of who struggles to climb the leader boards as a team. It won’t be possible to do so otherwise. Football Kingz is not an exception of course. It won’t be this great without the players that worked hard for it.

That’s why today, we’ll be talking about the all-time top scorers of Football Kingz FC with their number of goals along with some details about their career.

Dennis Ibrahim

The first one in our list is Dennis Ibrahim, a German that played as a Striker for Kingz from 2000-2001. Throughout his career, he made 12 goals in his 24 appearances in games. He also participated in their game on October 27 with Newcastle United.

Wynton Rufer

Wynton Rufer’s role is just like Ibrahim, a Striker. He played for one year more than him though, playing from 1999-2001. However, he also scored 12 goals throughout his 48 appearances.

PostImage TheAllTimeTopScorersofFootballKingzFC whiteman - The All-Time Top Scorers of Football Kingz FC

Aaron Silva

Aaron Silva is a Chilean and his career is more like that of Wynton, a Striker that played from 1999 to 2001. He had fewer appearances which are 32 but made more goals, 13 to be exact.

Paul Urlovic

Paul Urlovic is another Striker that played from 2000-2003 and one of the players that spent the most time in Kingz. He appeared in 59 games and made 16 goals throughout his career in Kingz.

Harry Ngata

Harry Ngata is not like the rest of this list. He was a midfielder of Kingz but he was the oldest member playing from 1999 to 2003. That said, he made 129 appearances in both regional and national games and made 29 goals in total.

These five players have experienced many defeats and victories in their career in Football Kingz. While the glory of Football Kingz was brief, it lasted for more than you think for both fans and these players.

PostImage SoaringtotheTopoftheAustralianNationalSoccerLeaguewithaRecordVictory 570x342 - Soaring to the Top of the Australian National Soccer League with a Record Victory

Soaring to the Top of the Australian National Soccer League with a Record Victory

PostImage SoaringtotheTopoftheAustralianNationalSoccerLeaguewithaRecordVictory - Soaring to the Top of the Australian National Soccer League with a Record Victory

As brief as their reign may have been, New Zealand’s Football Kingz climbed the leader boards of the Australian National Soccer League on October 27, after they made a best club record victory of 5-1 over Newcastle United.

Their game occurred at Fortress Ericsson with 7,000 proud supporters watching.

The visitors dominated the early exchanges and could’ve been better as early as the second minute. The first minute featured Julio Cuello, Kingz goalkeeper and their midfielder as the play continued.

At the seventh minute, however, the tide of the battle switched as Newcastle’s defender, Chris Zoricich, guided the ball back to his teammates. But the Kingz still kept their advantage as the score line doubled in the eighteenth minute.

PostImage SoaringtotheTopoftheAustralianNationalSoccerLeaguewithaRecordVictory Team - Soaring to the Top of the Australian National Soccer League with a Record Victory

Then, an accident occurred that resulted in both Bluhm and Tsekenis getting protrusions on their foreheads. While Newcastle’s player didn’t suffer from the damage, Kingz had to replace their player with Glenn Sprod.

Within forty seconds, Kingz was able to score another goal resulting in a score line of 2-0. Though Newcastle should’ve been able to capitalize that chance, Kingz still put effort into getting the control back on the field.

It is now evident that the confidence of Kingz is improving, and so are their movements. At the 23rd minute, three of Kingz players made an effort to advance but Newcastle had their turn as well as they reversed the flow in the 26th minute with their own smart moves.

Then, the second half started still in favour of the Kingz, but not by any means was Newcastle getting beaten. They started strongly as each player coordinated to send the ball over the crossbar.

However, it wasn’t exactly as they expected as the Kingz cracked their third goal only five minutes later.

PostImage SoaringtotheTopoftheAustralianNationalSoccerLeaguewithaRecordVictory fieldingame - Soaring to the Top of the Australian National Soccer League with a Record Victory

At this point, the Kingz opted to take out their very helpful Stevens and Bluhm for Aaron Silve and Dennis Ibrahim. But Newcastle United was still not finished. Despite being 3-0 down, Newcastle made an effort to score a goal.

But of course, the Kingz was able to counter-attack.

The 72nd-minute volley made it past the post and with fourteen minutes to play, Newcastle was able to score a goal. And that’s when the game really got exciting with a score of 3-1.

With six minutes to play, Kingz was able to return the favour and score another goal. Quick on the uptake, Newcastle knew there was no chance and with sixty seconds to play, Football Kingz was able to score another goal leading to their club victory record of 5-1.